2014 : Day 20


Somehow yesterdays post was lost in the ethereal limbo. It should have saved as a draft, but didn’t. Actually it should have just published…but it didn’t. Barring that, it normally saves as a local draft but magically disappeared.
Oh well.
Have a bad migraine today and it is playing havok with my thought processes.  Especially my writing.

Yay me!


Hilarious little comic.

Speaking of comics… visit fallen comics for a little window into our world. You can also visit our fanpage here.

Also check out www.gamers-heaven.info. They are a good source of video game fun and knowledge. There is also a group on FB, if you’re so inclined. 



I did finish The Raven. Really damn good movie. Can’t help that I almost teared up at Poe’s death. He has been one of my literary heroes since I first started reading.
Also watched Kickass 2 last night. It was ok…but nothing to go on about. Really only recommend it if you’ve seen the first one.

Well that does it for me today. Migraine making it difficult to focus on any more. Until tomorrow. …

~ Harbinger Owl of Syn

2014 : Day 17 or … Yay, it’s the weekend again!


The weekend is upon us once again. Thank you Valued Readers for all of the recent views to my blog. It is indeed getting somewhere, slowly but surely. Be thankful that most of you never have to endure a city bus full of school age kids chattering like crazy. Makes me feel like I am in an international zoo on wheels. 

Still don’t have a very valuable topic today. But I have thought of doing a short survey. I am requesting someone, anyone of my Valued Readers send a 20 questions survey and I will answer it here for all to see.

Jusr something to spur the juices of creativity, let people who don’t know me in person get to know me a little quicker. Here is where it gets quirky…no questions are off the table. I’d be willing to answer most any questions. If that isn’t a loaded gun waiting for me, I don’t know what else could be.



In other news… Fallen Comics has had some issues that have slid us all back a little…but we persevere. Our site is being reworked and should be up very soon. If you like your stories with intelligent flair and great artwork, them you need to check us out. We also give back to the community with our Wingüd Society division. 
What’s the use of trying to make the world a better place if you don’t start closer to home.

Help us make a difference and find something entertaining simultaneously.  You can also find our fanpage on FB.

I will have a much more comprehensive post for you tomorrow and  I look forward to those 20Qs. Send them in.

~Harbinger Owl of Syn

Diminishing returns in the customer service line of life.

I feel bad, on more than a few levels. I think I am coming down with the flu. I haven’t been writing as much as I want to, would like to, or have the creative energies to do so on the projects that are supposed to fill my time. I’ve been hit with the depression bug, the I-can’t-seem-to-find-any-other-work bug, the writer’s block bug, the rejection bug…
Someone call in a medic.
I had assumed, (yeah you know the cliché on that word) that publicizing on Facebook would generate more possible page views. Apparently of the 500 some-odd friends I have, there have had more reads from other bloggers on WordPress. I know that my FB account is for networking just as much as trolling for stupid or funny things to waste my time. However, you have to care about what others are posting. While I, foolishly it seems, care; it is not reciprocated. What a bummer. But, I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up.
It wasn’t that I inferred having 500+ friends meant I would have 500+ views daily on a blog that has no merits, having been merely created haphazardly to begin with. I didn’t have these delusions of grandeur. All I asked for was maybe 20 to 30 page views per post. Pretty reasonable I would think. Pretty reasonable you would say. Consider this: since most of the people I know are on FB anyway, especially current people I communicate with and a great many friends from High School…there is a lot more than 50 of those people. Due to the weird ass ranking system for page views, posts, etc. that FB has adopted of late…I can easily blame it on them for not allowing my Constant Readers (yes, I appropriated the saying from Mr. King, as an homage, and as a good phrase for the readers I do nave and hope to have) to be able to see my linked posts.
That may be the other portion of it too. Most people have no issue with clicking a link to a video on YouTube or Ted or Vizeo, but can’t be bothered to click on a link where they might be required to read something…even after they have spent an hour or more reading their newsfeed on Facebook, commenting, etc. How dare I make them read! :-O the horror of it all!!
Enough of my stupid rant about people wasting their time productively …do what?! Sounds like military intelligence from the outside too, doesn’t it?
I figure if I put up enough of these posts…on the myriad of subjects I have interest in…that someone somewhere will take notice. That, or I will send out brown and black rats to spread it like, well, like the plague. Plus, if I post more than once a day, my other hope is to kickstart my creative energies, pump those neurons, massage that white brain tissue…and get more work done effectively.
So, a fair warning is probably advised: There will be a post or 3 or 10 that may not make much sense to you, may not be of interest to you, or may possibly offend you. If so, I recommend one of two things; 1) stop reading said post and wait for the next one. 2) stop reading altogether.
I would hope there are more Ones than Twos in the future. If we all read something that made us shudder, offended us, or cast a light on an otherwise heretofore shadowed portion of our reality…well we wouldn’t dynamically change as people now would we?



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