RPG Haven

I decided to make a separate page for all things PnP or Tabletop gaming, specifically RPGs or Role Playing Games. There is a very good reason I chose to do a separate page on my blog for them.

I write them.

More specifically, I am rewriting my latest game Legion: Universal Role Playing Game with the full intention of getting it published by Amazon on all Kindle formats. That means it will be available in digital format and I hope to have it published by the new year (February st the latest). Doing a quick search for RPGs on Kindle provides a few gleaming issues.

1) That there are maybe 5 RPG games in digital format available for Kindle devices.

2) That most people who have moved on to some digital books for their tabletop RPGs tend to loathe the Kindle for a variety of issues. Most of these issues are formatting, detailed artwork slowing the loading process and page turning process, and a lack of zoom feature. I don’t believe it to be a bad idea to use a kindle device for gaming of this kind. It helps to be able to have a book necessary for gaming of this sort at your fingertips and with the ability to search quicker for the information that you need than you can with a real book can be quite indispensable. Now, as a writer, I do not say that I choose digital books forever over their original paper bound counterparts. I just feel that the ability to have an entire library or personal collection in your hands all at the same time a very appealing aspect to digital formats.

I feel that tabletop RPGs are kind of going through another renaissance, if you will. It is certainly hard to debate the massive ongoing popularity of Dungeons & Dragons in its current iteration. While I have yet to play it ( read as I haven’t played D&D since it was AD&D 2nd Edition), I can certainly applaud it as being a standard that other games can compare themselves by…even if it is the big dragon in the room that many refuse to talk about directly.

It is also rather difficult to hold a serious discourse on RPGs at all especially with any younger gamers because they have grown up with Video Game RPGs (which are no where near what their forebears are). They have no idea how much different pen and paper Role Playing Games are compared to the linear style implemented by video games. [To be fair, there are a few noteworthy exceptions as some of the games produced by Bethesda Game Studios and Bioware can attest to].

Pen and Paper RPGs are some of the purest games one can play. They engage the mind, allow for strategic thoughts and scenarios, and very much allow for higher thinking. It is an exercise in storytelling that harkens back to a simpler time of families and clans of people gathering around a campfire so that the elders can relate stories that mete out morality and choice. The biggest difference is that it is interactive storytelling, where players can change the outcome simply by being in character and making the decisions their characters would make. Evocation of the imagination.

So, now I ask of my dear readers their viewpoints. Please vote on the poll I have provided and comment as you feel the need to below. This will be a new page devoted to all things RPG, especially as they dawn a new age of digital incoherence and virtual inter-connectivity.


~Harbinger Owl of Syn

Edit: I forgot to add tags to this page and cannot do it on an after edit. Plus I found out I cannot have posts under this page separate from the rest of the blog. This makes me a Sad Owl 😦





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