More info…for you!

This page lists the projects, affiliates, and interests that I share and are shared by me. Maybe they will help you, maybe they will just entertain you.

*Legion:Universal Role Playing Game
~This is a pen & paper (tabletop) RPG I have been working on bit by bit since 2002. While I have had it available online before, the website for it is down. While I shop around for a new place to host it…(not that it couldn’t possibly be done here or another WordPress page), it does need to be updated and streamlined, and I am very serious about getting it published. Possibly as an ebook, if nothing more. 

!!! Playtested by Michael Longyear, Steven Belgard, David Smallwood, Alan McQuarrie & 2 others!!!

*Fallen Comics
~This small comic book company is still stretching its legs and we are still growing. It is going slower than we anticipated,  but we haven’t given up yet. Please help support us and trust that your support will be returned in many ways.
Tell them LordofSyn sent you.

* Trese Brothers Games
~These wonderfully talented brothers have made some of the best games for Android and Kindle devices. They harken back to retro 16 bit gaming, but are so deep that you can get easily addicted and lost, in a fun way!
(Link forthcoming)

…more to be added soon
{Edit 5/9/13}


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