2014 : Day 6


Transhumanism is never easy. It hasn’t been thus far, and will only get tougher as we get ever closer to shedding more of our skin and humanity for the pursuit of greatness and connectivity. Many have suggested that by 2030, 2050, or even 2070; that humanity will reached a singularity point in our evolution and technology where we will ‘improve’ ourselves with bioware, cyberware, and nanotechnology to become faster, stonger, hardier, and of course…more intelligent.  We will also presumably have the technology to allow us to prolong our lives indefinitely through various formats.
We will cheat death and mother nature’s design for these frail sacks of flesh and bone.

As a reader, I have always been fascinated with the science fiction in this vein. As a fiction writer, it has also become one of my chosen rotes. I love the cyberpunk brand of mythology and fiction.

Sadly, I’ve run out of time for now; but will probably post a continuation later today or tonight.


The Nautilus [draft 3.4]

Work in Progress

(My phone won’t let me copy and paste the link properly)

The above link points to a short story that I have worked on for the CyberKnights R.P.G. forums. CyberKnights RPG is a open Beta Android RPG game reminiscent of ShadowRun for the Genesis/SNES and earlier game types. It is still being currently worked on and updated frequently. I highly recommend the game for a few reasons. A) There are no permissions for the .apk download. B) The game is full of great CyberPunk gameplay C) While it isn’t the prettiest game you will find on your Android device it is massively deep. D) as it is Open Beta, it is still being worked on continuously. E) The forums will provide a wealth of information and help F) The Developers are on the forums and will not only answer you, but may take your suggestions and add them to the game. G) A storyline is being developed as you read this. CyberPunk is one of my biggest literary weaknesses. Call it our current race towards Futurism and constant need to be connected. FYI, there is a Necromancer movie coming soon. We can all thank Gibson, and the many other CyberPunk writers before me for laying down the foundation…and while many thought that CP (not to be confused with child porn) was dead, the new social networking / smartphone /connectivity issues we are all dealing with presently have and will bring about a resurgence for CyberPunk. …Mark my words… As for The Nautilus, please leave a comment or two. It seems the story has gotten away from me lately, and while this is a draft, it needs to be reigned in to short story length and breadth or expanded to novella standards.

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