2014 : Day 21

I can’t choose a starting picture for the day. I have many to choose from and yet I suppose that it’s because I would rather go with the flow of the stream of consciousness and let the topic flow, the narrative of the piece formulate naturally. 

Much like all else, we wade in it on auto pilot for much of our conscious lives. We know the tasks and learn them better. We have to interject stimuli in odds that we can bypass banality.  Step off into a realm of your better understanding and awareness. 

You are a cultivator, creator, and  brainstorm your idea farm…let the deluge reawaken old spirits and new wonder. You are the ability to reflect to non reflection. 

I just forgot my new, ice cold bottle of Code Red when changing busses. Not cool. I was teased. Ha ha ha.

2014 : Day 20


Somehow yesterdays post was lost in the ethereal limbo. It should have saved as a draft, but didn’t. Actually it should have just published…but it didn’t. Barring that, it normally saves as a local draft but magically disappeared.
Oh well.
Have a bad migraine today and it is playing havok with my thought processes.  Especially my writing.

Yay me!


Hilarious little comic.

Speaking of comics… visit fallen comics for a little window into our world. You can also visit our fanpage here.

Also check out www.gamers-heaven.info. They are a good source of video game fun and knowledge. There is also a group on FB, if you’re so inclined. 



I did finish The Raven. Really damn good movie. Can’t help that I almost teared up at Poe’s death. He has been one of my literary heroes since I first started reading.
Also watched Kickass 2 last night. It was ok…but nothing to go on about. Really only recommend it if you’ve seen the first one.

Well that does it for me today. Migraine making it difficult to focus on any more. Until tomorrow. …

~ Harbinger Owl of Syn

2014 : Day 18 or W.I.P.s

Since I have decided to try and ePublish this collection of short stories after I am done with the Legion URPG ePublishing project, I need to decide which stories will make it into the book and also brainstorm a few others to add real meat to the bones of the book.
I currently have 3 stories In Situ that can be finished and incorporated : Gecko”s novella, The Nautilus, and Cass and the 16th step. All of them are based in the same Arcology ( the first wasn’t planned this way but all three so far have had interlinking ties and I suppose I subconsciously kept them within the same “‘verse”. )
I would like to have at least 5 stories of varying lengths make up this book. I might well add more later, or write another collection for a second book. These 5 stories should vary in length between short story ( no more than 15 pages maximum) and novella length ( no more than 100 pages).  Even at 4 stories total: 3 short and 1 novella, I am looking at about 72500 words total. This was derived by taking the maximum page count for each story by approx 500 words per page ( I need to figure out what the average word count per page truly is).

This got pushed back a little longer, but is still on track. The biggest setback was the tablet adapter that didn’t work. Leaving me with the virtual keyboard and USB keyboard. My phone was also screwed and now waiting on the replacement phone to be sent to me. I should also be getting my mini HDMI cable to have my tablet all on my HDTV. 12/5/13

12/6/13= this test is evernote with the usb keyboard, mouse and the HDMI connector to my little HDTV. There seems to be next to no lag now as there was using GDrive when i did my other test about an hour a go or so. This works for me as I am glad that the setup will be workable for my writing needs. Now to test and see if it will scroll as I type, and it sure did. the only real issue I can state that I have, is that the HDTV view does cut off a tiny bit of the screen on top, bottom, and each side; and since there is no way to choose the ovescan mode for HDMI, i suppose I am stuck with it. Still, not a bad and minor compromise for having a much bigger screen with which to do my writing, especially since the type comes in crisp and clear and is much bigger on the TV screen than it is on the tablet.

This is the plan to finally publish Legion Universal Role Playing Game in an ePublishing format, especially a digital format (specifically for Amazon platforms and Kindle devices). Originally I intended to give the game away, but realized my dream of finally getting published and Amazon has made it incredibly simple to publish writing works in a digital format. This will also allow the Core Rules Document (henceforth referred to as the CRD) as well as the Character sheet and further expansions or Plug Ins (for the mechanics portions and possibly “generic” game settings and worlds/mythos. 
The new plan is to:
Rewrite portions of the 2.1 CRD to allow for a quicker set up
Rewrite portions of mechanics to streamline game play to a more rules-lite approach while retaining the URPG aspect of the game
Write an updated foreword giving a brief history of the game and its revisions
Find copy write free artwork to include in the CRD (and further documents) or artwork from the Creative Commons for internal portions of the entire document set as well as Cover Artwork for each book.
Reformat the entire 3.0 CRD to fit withing the KDP and Kindle ePublishing model and guidelines
Add quick character Templates to make it easier to play the game quickly
Reconfigure inherent game tables to be either in a better read format (that supports and is supported on digital devices) or remove them altogether
Add the stock *(read as redesigned) Character Sheet to the 3.0 CRD
Pricing for this book should be between $3.00-$5.00 USD (all subsequent expansion, plug-in books, etc should only be $1.00)
There is no need for a players handbook, per se; but I hope to write a fairly comprehensive guide for Judges to better run the game mechanics and also any genre they chose to with Legion URPG.
Additional Resource Guides (henceforth referred to as RGD) include: Magic and Ley Spheres, Psionics and Superpowers, and Plug-In RGDs include: End of Days, Medieval/Fantasy, and Futurist/Cyberpunk. There may be other RGDs planned for later {possible} publication.
I also plan to work on and publish a website (not sure if I plan on buying a domain or using a free webs format again) to support the game launch in publication format and I will still retain the proboards website for the game as it has the history to back up just how long the game has been in production.
I have looked through the RPG books and documents available on Kindle and through the Amazon website for digital copies of games. I was shocked to find 2 things:
There aren’t many RPGs available for kindle devices
Because of the formatting involved heavy image documents didn’t work well across all Amazon platforms, or spotty work in PDF format, made most games virtually unreadable or load took forever.
I set out to resolve these issues using Legion URPG as a testbed for my writing (it is the most complete WIP I have and closest to a published format) which would not only allow me to start getting published, but also get my works out for others to read, enjoy, and share. I do not plan to make tons of money from this, nor do I plan to become famous using this platform. I may even have to change up the ideas and formulas as shown in this outline to better accommodate gamers and consumers. As a writer and gamer on a shoestring budget, I can understand the need for having the most robust version of document possible for the most inexpensive cost appropriate. I also WILL NOT be adding DRM to this project, and understand that it will probably be made available for free by Amazon from time to time and may very well have bootleg copies freely distributed. I also know that the subject matter I am tackling by making my first publication a tabletop game that most people choose not to/will not play which seriously compromises the ability for it to be seen. My goal is to make tabletop gaming still comparable to other forms of gaming, extend the longevity of gaming with imagination, getting new players to try a game like this, and keep the monetization of said project to as bare a minimum as possible. I also hope to be a trend setter in making gaming books more available to digital markets on devices which are already out there in the public, in other words: I do not want the Kindle devices to be tarnished further and make it aware that gaming books can indeed be made to work well in digital format on kindle devices with no hassle. I will be keeping the game format in D6 format as it is the easiest way to keep the game available so that ANYONE can play it or run it.

Maybe more to work on too.


2014 : Day 17 or … Yay, it’s the weekend again!


The weekend is upon us once again. Thank you Valued Readers for all of the recent views to my blog. It is indeed getting somewhere, slowly but surely. Be thankful that most of you never have to endure a city bus full of school age kids chattering like crazy. Makes me feel like I am in an international zoo on wheels. 

Still don’t have a very valuable topic today. But I have thought of doing a short survey. I am requesting someone, anyone of my Valued Readers send a 20 questions survey and I will answer it here for all to see.

Jusr something to spur the juices of creativity, let people who don’t know me in person get to know me a little quicker. Here is where it gets quirky…no questions are off the table. I’d be willing to answer most any questions. If that isn’t a loaded gun waiting for me, I don’t know what else could be.



In other news… Fallen Comics has had some issues that have slid us all back a little…but we persevere. Our site is being reworked and should be up very soon. If you like your stories with intelligent flair and great artwork, them you need to check us out. We also give back to the community with our Wingüd Society division. 
What’s the use of trying to make the world a better place if you don’t start closer to home.

Help us make a difference and find something entertaining simultaneously.  You can also find our fanpage on FB.

I will have a much more comprehensive post for you tomorrow and  I look forward to those 20Qs. Send them in.

~Harbinger Owl of Syn

2014 : Day 6


Transhumanism is never easy. It hasn’t been thus far, and will only get tougher as we get ever closer to shedding more of our skin and humanity for the pursuit of greatness and connectivity. Many have suggested that by 2030, 2050, or even 2070; that humanity will reached a singularity point in our evolution and technology where we will ‘improve’ ourselves with bioware, cyberware, and nanotechnology to become faster, stonger, hardier, and of course…more intelligent.  We will also presumably have the technology to allow us to prolong our lives indefinitely through various formats.
We will cheat death and mother nature’s design for these frail sacks of flesh and bone.

As a reader, I have always been fascinated with the science fiction in this vein. As a fiction writer, it has also become one of my chosen rotes. I love the cyberpunk brand of mythology and fiction.

Sadly, I’ve run out of time for now; but will probably post a continuation later today or tonight.


2014: Day 4

Slow day at the office. Ha ha ha. Traveling is only fun when you can get something accomplished simultaneously.  Hence the reason I am posting an early entry today. I have to travel and hope to use the travel time to write some more on one of my open projects. Battery power is premium, so you’ll have to forgive me for a shortened post today.

Thank you

Happy New Year: An open welcome to 2014

While some of the world is already celebrating a new year, it has yet to come to pass in Arizona, USA. That’s the home of this Harbinging Owl, full of Syn and optimism that this new year will bring welcome changes.
   Not that I just expect them to land in my lap with luck, I know that things have to be fought for and sought out to reap the whirlwind and gain the success that is so wanted. So, here is to all of us who truly intend to better themselves in the coming year. I hope to finally realize a dream I’ve had most of my life: to be published. I am currently workin on a few projects that I WILL be getting published in 2014.

I know, because I refuse to give up on them and I am so close. Perseverance is key. May we all rise from our ashes anew and eager to realize a dream, only tl add more goals and keep moving dynamically forward. Blessed Be and Happy New Year (under a New Moon, no less).


Grand Theft Auto 5 Review

Although I am NOT the only one to play or review this game, I just finished the main campaign single player about 2 days ago. It is very crazy to say the least I really enjoyed how they work all three characters together, and especially love the heist and planning them not;  just pulling them off. I am now after the elusive 100%.

To say that rockstar really outdid themselves with this game is an understatement.  It is the most ambitious game of the seventh generation of consoles and does quite a lot for gaming overall. I am very impressed with Los Santos as a living and breathing city. I’ve watched NPCs pull into their driveway and get groceries out of their car. I love the wildlife that was added and I am super impressed by the visuals. There are so many photo opportunities in this game as well as easter eggs to make one’s head spin.  While I believe Red Dead Redemption still had a better story, R* nailed the best GTA yet and GTA Online just keeps getting better and more fun. ( I play on PS3 as The-LordofSyn…add me if you feel inclined).

If I have to nitpick and complain a little, I have to go after the music chosen for this game. I am about 40 hourz into the game and have already found myself turning the in-game music off for two reasons. It has become too repetitive and I like to hear the world that R* built as well as the NPC chatter. If I want music, I now usually listen to my own music streaming from my tablet or smartphone over my blue tooth speaker close by.

I sure hope that more is added to the single player format of the game soon and that whatever DLC launches isn’t going to be super expensive. They’ve already added quite a bit to the GTAO.  Los Santos now almost feels like Second Life with all of the choices available to play between both SP and MP modes. I chose option C for those that understand what I mean as I still had so much to do with all 3 characters. 

This game easily has my vote for Game of the Year and although I cannot afford a PS4 anytime soon, at least I have a great game to enjoy until I can.

On a scale of 1-5 here is my breakdown:
Graphics: 5
GTA 5 easily is one of the most stunning visual games I have ever played. Rockstar’s attention to detail is amazing on this 7th Gen. The sunsets look real, the phases of the moon change as you play…even your character’s hair and facial hair grow back over time if you get clean shorn. I am playing on a small 13″ HDTV but have seen it played on a much bigger HDTV and have to say that I am amazed that it looks this good at 720p. It looks like 1080p.
Sound: 4
While the rest of the world in GTA is great, I have already given my complaints about the music. The rest of the sound is wonderful though. From NPC chatter to the sound of your car engine cooling off…there is so much to hear that you’ll be amazed at how much they stuffed into this game. Again, detail is the name of the game as even wearing sandals (flip-flops) will result in the flapping sound as you walk. Wet shoes squish until dry, and your car speakers give the frequency clicks when you have incoming messages on your in game cell phone.

Story: 5
While not as serious as the previous game in the series, GTA V has proven to still be mature and engrossing.  There is still the prevalent humour involved, but the game also judges you and your choices a little… in a good introverted way. It makes you think about your choices well and also makes you think about how you could have done things differently. The Three main PCs do break up the story well and allow for a good change of pace allowing the player to experience the world as they see fit and the characters themselves are complex broken people in a crazy and broken world.

Replay ability: 5
Not counting GTAO, there are so many choices in the single player campaign that you have to replay some of it just to see how things would have gone down if you had chosen other options. Now there is the ability to play previous missions and especially the side missions in order to get a higher score and ranking on them with objectives that will grant you a better score and bronze, silver, or gold medal per mission.

I may add more to this review later, but I am very happy with this game and have a very enjoyable time playing it. If this helped you, speak up. If you wish to discuss this game, leave a message…
If you know someone who may be on the fence about getting this juggernaut of a game, please share this with them. This game is a mature game and shouldn’t be played by minors without parental supervision. See you all on the flip side.


Another day, another dollar

Riding the bus to work and contemplating the toughness of life in general. The lowest class of citizens in this country far surpass the rest of the financial classes. I wouldn’t even call it poverty as the distinction between the haves and have nots is all screwed. I don’t make very much money and try to be as smart and frugal as I possibly can with what little I have and yet there are even more that have even less than I do.
Today we stand on the precipice of a large lottery winfall. I know that if I won, I wouldn’t be greedy or stupid with the winnings. I would indeed help out my friends, family, and others that need help. It’s what we give back and do with our responsibilities that define us.
We have all had our lottery fantasies, but I would still work and afford more time to my writing. It is one of the thibgs in life that give me the most pleasure and help me feel accomplished. I may like some luxuries, but have real NEED for little else. Besides, if I can bring up others with me on my iourney through life and give them the ability to make better and smarter decisions for themselves, then so be it!
Here is to hoping I would win the lottery and do my best to help make the world a little bit better. 

Times are tough for zo many people and the rich typically just get richer. I am rich spiritually, if not financially.  All I could want this holiday season would be peace of mind for my own and for all my readers. Blessed Be and may you all have a happy and wonderful holidays.