2014 : Day 20


Somehow yesterdays post was lost in the ethereal limbo. It should have saved as a draft, but didn’t. Actually it should have just published…but it didn’t. Barring that, it normally saves as a local draft but magically disappeared.
Oh well.
Have a bad migraine today and it is playing havok with my thought processes.  Especially my writing.

Yay me!


Hilarious little comic.

Speaking of comics… visit fallen comics for a little window into our world. You can also visit our fanpage here.

Also check out www.gamers-heaven.info. They are a good source of video game fun and knowledge. There is also a group on FB, if you’re so inclined. 



I did finish The Raven. Really damn good movie. Can’t help that I almost teared up at Poe’s death. He has been one of my literary heroes since I first started reading.
Also watched Kickass 2 last night. It was ok…but nothing to go on about. Really only recommend it if you’ve seen the first one.

Well that does it for me today. Migraine making it difficult to focus on any more. Until tomorrow. …

~ Harbinger Owl of Syn

A lil bit for him, a lil bit for her…

So this week is interesting in the cultural sense of the word. By that, I mean movies and video games. I will take a quick look at what is in store for him and her this week. Very quick, as I don’t have much to say on either account, except that a happy couple can still exist after the week is done…we all hope.
* Tomorrow: 11/13/2012 is the launch day for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.
This will appease the him in most households. Guns, missions, bloodshed, and Zombies, oh my! Having never really played much of the first game, I have been urged strongly by my old Socom clan-mates to pick it up. Money being a rare commodity for me as of late, it went to my Amazon wish list instead. Now, before I get ripped to shreds for not being a real gamer, or not playing the first game (one of the most selling games ever); allow me to stress that I chose not to play for a few reasons.
-I have played FPS games since the first Wolfenstein on PC and of course the game that got most people onto FPS: Doom {and the sequels}. Don’t think that just because I haven’t played much of bOps, that I am a push over or a real gamer. I can dance around most, and hold my own in a game. Thank you very much. I chose not to play because 1) couldn’t justify the new game purchase. 2) when it came down, I no longer had a PS3 to play on. 3) cannot stand hackers, lag-switchers, or campers. They ruin most of any fun to be had playing Multiplayer.

That being said, while you have XBox fans foaming at the bit for Halo 4, you have most of the rest salivating for Black Ops 2. Me, I could care less, more because I can’t afford the game; and haven’t bought into the hype. If someone got me an early Christmas gift, I wouldn’t let it go to waste though. Oh, and although I have been bit by the Zombie bug (finally), why is it that Zombies get all the fuss. I guarantee that it would be a hell of a lot scarier having to take on Vampires and Werewolves. Especially werewolves…a pack of fast healing giant killing machines is much more shuddering to me than a horde of shambling zombies.

Friday: or Thursday night @ midnight if you will…
(And keeping to a monster theme) the final Twilight movie hits theaters. The epic ::cough:: tale of a sickly looking stoner chick, her disco-ball skinned blood sucking husband, their pet lycanthrope, Fido and a weird vampire/Dharmpire super baby, or something. I still haven’t read the books, but will get around to it after someone claims that Rice still writes better Vampire books, and can write a better love story on a napkin.
Ok, I am a little biased. Vampires aren’t supposed to sparkle in sunlight…they are supposed to burst into flames. End of story. I did see most of the first movie, something I am loathe to do when there are actually books that will always ne better than any movie: simply because your imagination doesn’t have to keep to a budget. When I saw him shimmering like a bad Bee Gees video, I was lost, threw up in my mouth, and instantly wanted 2 hours of my life back.
So, since every other being (under the age of 60) in the U.S. and possibly abroad with XX chromosomes will probably be giddy over this final chapter of movie-dom devoted to selling more swag to tweeners and tying in every feminine product possible to this movie franchise. {Twilight Douche…it works on so many levels :D} May we all live happily ever after…at least until Sunday when NFL games start.

This has been the Harbinger Owl of Syn reminding you that it doesn’t matter if you are Team Xbox, Team PS3, Team Jacob, or Team Edward…someone is vying for your money this week. It isn’t me, sadly. If I had my way, I would make some DLC for bOps 2: Twilight. Then I could fight against the werewolves I mentioned earlier, and show a vampire how to really sparkle…
…with a Phosphorous Grenade in his groin.
Dance that one off, dead boy!

~H.O.o.S. (gonna drive you home. Tonight)

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