Rise Through The Ranks

Rise Through The Ranks
A Tactikon 2 special edition:
Game Review and Interview with Eidolon Industries founder James Payne


Tactikon 2 game logo


   Tactikon 2 is a FREE turn based strategy game available in the Google Play store  here.. It launched the 17th of April 2014. It was created as an upgrade to the original Tactikon with more units available, better A.I., and even more features.


A tank in Tactikon 2

   It is reminiscent of other 16-bit TBS games like Advance Wars. It has a retro look that doesn’t hamper the gameplay. In fact, don’t let the graphics fool you, the larger the armies get and the more units are on the battlefield;  I’m sure your device will thank you for the simpler graphics.

  While the gameplay is fairly simple, it does take some strategy to win on a map. Gameplay consists of you starting with one city (your HQ) and at least one unit. The initial goal is to grow your army as best as possible and to reach the map goal: which is one of 3 Victory goals, Total Annihilation, Take over Enemy HQs, or take over all Enemy Cities. Only 2 unit types may take over a city that is neutral or razed, Infantry and Tanks. Each unit type take a certain number of turns to build and each city has a maximum of 4 slots.

   The additional unit types are:
*Destroyers (massive ships that can attack up to two squares away).
*Carriers (Can hold/refuel/repair aircraft).
*Transports (boats that can move 2 ground units at a time).
*Submarines (can submerge).
*Choppers (can carry a max of 2 infantry).
*Fighters are Jets with aerial superiority.
*Bombers are Jets designed to target ground units.


A view of some of the units in action

   These units get upgraded to skilled veteran status for each successful fight they’re in that they survive. In addition, unit may be healed/repaired in any city you own after receiving damage. This will stop any current unit being built until the damage is resolved. 

   Terrain plays a pretty big role in your overall strategy as ground units move over different terrain types at different speeds, water units are (obviously) limited to water tiles unless docked at a city; and air units have the longest range but have limited fuel and must land on a carrier or in a city to refuel or fall from the sky. Each unit has strengths and weaknesses and there is a robust help file in-game to help you see how they stack up. Plus, each time you attack, you’ll be able to see the odds of your success.

   This game is difficult to master and the A.I. is pretty intuitive which will give you some challenging gameplay. If playing offline, you can play against the A.I. in a single player mode or multiplayer by handing your device to your friend/family member to take turns (Local Multiplayer). It is recommended that you put some time into the Single Player & Local Multiplayer modes before taking on the online multiplayer mode as you’ll need to learn how everything I’ve described plays out and how the pacing works. You can play with up to 8 players total in a multiplayer game.

>>>Tactikon 2 Online Multiplayer

   One of the best things about this game is the multiplayer support online. It uses its own setup and servers to host and run the games. You’ll have to make your own profile by choosing your Commander’s name and your Army’s Icon and colour. After that, you can join or set up online games. The servers keep track of your total number of games you’ve played, how many you’re currently playing, your win/loss ratio, and provide you with two sets of rankings.


A massive war brews on

  The first ranking is your Rank as a Commander (following military titles of rank) and the second ranking shows how you rate overall amongst all of the other players at your rank worldwide. After further research, it appears that your Rank improves by virtue of the number of games you completed. You move from Private after 10 games and the remaining Ranks open up at the double of previous Rank. So 10, 20, 40, 80, 160, etc. How you rate at that Rank is determined by your W/L ratio out of all of the other players with the same Rank. To my knowledge, there aren’t any perks with each promotion…just the ability to show that you have risen the ranks to be the best player (or not) in your overall rank.

   You can also add friends from the other players you face (long press the match from the title screen to bring up this option) and even block players should they be an issue to you. I’ve never experienced any issues which have led me to blocking any player, but I have to add that there is even a simple and effective game chat built into each match. You simply drag a tab located at the top center of the match you’re in to access it. There is a character limit, but you also have the option of whispering to certain players instead of just talking to everyone at once.

>>>Maps and replayability

  The other superb portion of this game is the map editor which features in all modes. You have many different options available to you to play with in regards to the map you play on which include but are not limited to:
*Basic size of the overall map.
*Amount of water available.
*Ability to turn on/off forests and mountains.
*Ability to set city densities.
*Ability to mirror the maps with many options for mirror types.
*Many randomly generated maps for you to work with.
*Set online games for friends only
*Turn on/off Fog of War
The only thing you’ll not be able to do is actively edit/build the maps on your own on a tile-by-tile basis. The game handles that all for you by using what appears to be Simplex Noise. You will also get a balance rating before you start a game based on how balanced the map is overall. Finally, you can set a time limit for each turn, number of players, victory goal, and one or two other options to tweak.

  These map options alone give this game a massive amount of replayability.
With so many options to tweak and permutations available,  you may never play 2 games on the same map (unless you specifically try to). It adds to the overall gameplay because nothing will ever be very stale and also enriches the mind to ever deepening strategy.

!!!-The Verdict-!!!

   I’ve never been one to really use a number review system, but there is no better time than now to start. So, to make it fair, I’ll be using a maximum of 5 stars (*) in each category of:
   Each category will have a small blurb about why the rating was given and at least one Pro & Con. The ratings for each of the first four categories will be averaged to get the final overall score followed by my final thoughts.

¤Tactikon 2 Gameplay: *****
   The gameplay is fairly deep for a game that uses very simple gameplay mechanics. It is simple to learn and difficult to master.
~The simplified gameplay allows for anyone to play.
~The maps can be made to incorporate many different strategies and massive replayability.
~For its simplicity,  the rules could use a few small additions.
~Some have asked for additional units/unit types and/or a tech tree or upgrade system.

¤Tactikon 2 Graphics: ****
The game uses simple 16-bit graphics to give it a retro feel and keep the processing power down. The Sprites and tiles are animated to give it a sense of motion and make the maps feel alive. Simple palette swaps for color differentiate between player’s Armies.
~The simple style allows to easily make out units and terrain types with relative ease.
~There are also small icons to show veteran status on the units and to alert you of lost units or cities when your turn starts
~The simplified graphics may be overlooked by many who would miss out on a great game by judging the graphics alone.
~The terrain needs more variable tiles like roads, bridges, sand, snow, etc.

¤Tactikon 2 Sound: *
As of yet, there is no background music or sound effects to accompany the gameplay. As you’ll see in my interview (see after the final score), those ideas are currently in the works to be added;  possibly in a future update.

¤Tactikon 2 Multiplayer: *****
This is really where the gameplay shines. Whether you are playing against friends in the same room or playing online, you’ll have more fun playing this in multiplayer mode. This game does MP in such a simple way that many other Developers need to take notice.
~ Up to 8 players on one map
~ Chat is built in and can also be used strategically
~ Turns can be set to 24 hours so you don’t have to miss out. There are also notifications that pop up.
~ The community has yet to really embrace this aspect fully.
~ It would be nice to see Google Play Games Achievements, Quests, and Scoreboards

¤Tactikon 2 Overall score: ****
While the actual score was 3.75 as an average…it is closer to 4. This game is still early and there are many things that can and will hopefully be added to make it an even better experience. If you are a fan of strategy games and especially TBS, then this game is a must have. There is a toggle for difficulty, so anyone can try it out. Like a fine game of chess, it gives back when you find a good strategy that works. Plus, it can be a on the go game when you have a few minutes to kill or can eat hours away. There is a lot of promise to this game and I hope that a community grows around it even more and embraces it.

There is a Google+ Discussion group specific to this game and that can be found in the About option. There is also a Facebook page dedicated to it. Tactikon 2 Facebook page
The stage is set for some explosive community activity.

If you haven’t played it yet, I highly recommend trying it out. It will continue to grow and just needs dedicated gamers to help it grow further. The main website is Tactikon 2 main webpage

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A Star Trader is You! Interview with Andrew Trese of Trese Brothers Games Studio


A Star Trader is You!

Interview with Andrew Trese of Trese Brothers Games Studio

*** THIS JUST IN!! STAR TRADERS 2 WILL BE A REALITY. THEY WERE FUNDED at 122% See the links in this article and keep a look out for their other games already available:
*Star Traders RPG
*Cyber Knights RPG
*Templar Assault
*Age of Pirates RPG
*Heroes of Steel
*Star Traders 4X
The gaming community needs and deserves to keep Developers like this going and strong. Thank you!

With over 1000 updates across 6 games and a massive, thriving game community; Trese Brothers Games Studio has since 2010 brought some of the best gaming available today to its fans. It all started with a little gem called Star Traders RPG,  released on the Android platform. That game has not just changed the lives of its creators but has also been a catalyst in shaping a successful business model for the true power of Independent Developers in the gaming industry. All hail the future of Indie Devs!

Star Traders RPG was pretty original in scope. While it includes some fairly basic marketing and trading ideas: ie buying supplies and goods from one planet and selling them at another with the familiar mechanics of ‘buy low, sell high’ that any gamer who has played Dope Wars or any similar type ‘trading’ game would recognize; it also gives a lot more.

Under the hood the mechanics are far deeper. Your Captain actually has stats and gains experience. You can recruit crew members and search alien planets.  Of course, who could have a space opera-esque game without crucial ‘ship-on-ship’ combat? The best part is that you can actually board ships and fight there…even taking the enemy crew as captive personnel to replace any lost crew.


View from upcoming ST2

As I don’t want this to be a full review of the game, I at least wanted to gloss over a few of the features that made (and still make) this gem shine. So, my final words before the interview are this: The Trese Brothers know how to make a game that is fulfilling and still retain some brutal difficulty.  You can set the difficulty level and play as casually as you wish…or go for even deeper and tougher gameplay that is, at times, especially ruthless. The choice is yours.

Andrew, thank you for taking the time to interview for this piece.

*What made you get into creating games?

I am not sure exactly why Cory and I started making games. We created our first game together when I was in first grade, about six or seven years old.  We got a giant piece of paper, the kind you could roll out from a spindle, and drew a sprawling dungeon map on it.  Then we drew things into the rooms in each part of the dungeon – a wolf, a murky lake, a pile of gold.  We played by pointing to a room and saying, “I go there.”  And the other brother would make up what was in the room. It was wildly rudimentary, which is perfect because it was all about imagination. That is the first game I can remember making with Cory, and once we started we never really stopped.

*What is your current project?

We are in the final 10 days of our Star Traders 2 KickStarter! This is a game that our community has been asking about for over four years now, and we are so excited to be working on it again.  In this space RPG and trading sim, you are the Captain of a space faring ship.  As you travel the open world universe, you’ll make choices that will define your morality, friends, and career. It’s a game all about having the freedom to live, fight (or not fight), and die in a deep setting with rich history and a colorful backdrop of political and economic turmoil.

*You’ve made 6 games so far, and are working on your 7th. What is your favorite game you have made and why?

For me, it’s about the genres.  In my years as a pen and paper RPG, I have always gravitated toward cyberpunk worlds and fantasy RPGs.  Cory has more Pirate and Space Pirate in his blood.  For me, Heroes of Steel is my favorite game, simply because it was such a revolutionary moment in Trese Brothers progression.  If you hold Cyber Knights up next to Heroes of Steel, you can see Heroes is a really a giant leap forward for us, in every aspect of our work.

*To many, this is a dream job. What tips would you give to other Independent Developers or someone looking to start?

Share your game.  Don’t hide it.  That might mean post it early, or sharing a dev blog, or starting a forum and a closed alpha.  But find ways to start building a fan base and getting feedback.  Developing in a vacuum is not the best environment and you can go astray without realizing it if you don’t have other people giving feedback.  You’ve got to make a game that you love, but that others love.  So, share early!

*What do you attribute to Trese Brothers success?

Trese Brothers has a couple of core mission statements that have really helped us stick out.  They make us who we are, they are what our gamers remember most about us, and I think they are why we have a killer community – the very best, in my humble opinion.  They are to

(1) treat other gamers as we would want to be treated, which means no ads, low permissions, no crappy IAPs, pay-to-win or pay-to-play-now.  I don’t play any game that includes that junk, so I wouldn’t wish it on anyone else!

(2) deliver amazing customer service and true community engagement.  We put our personal emails out there, we respond to every request and question.  We believe customer service and community engagement are huge parts of what makes Trese Brothers … us!  We read every forum post, and have made over 26,000 posts on our forum.  Hours a day go into talking with our fans and communities – but let me say, i there is one reason why we will succeed with the Star Traders 2 KickStarter – it is because of our amazing community.

*Is there any game/type/genre you’d eventually like to tackle?

I’ve always wanted to make a game in the village building genre.  My mind wanders the village into a place with dark woods, scary nights more and more often these days. Something kind of Transylvania, which would put the village in really dire straits.  I love games with permadeath, so I’d love to see a kind of “how long can you survive?” village builder.

*What features are you most excited about that will make your new game different from your others and stand out?

I can’t wait to turn procedural generation and simulation models against relationships in Star Traders 2.  I am really excited to see how crew, officers, your Captain, and the planet-based characters of the Factions all get to know each other, love each other, or hate each other.  Every will have their own strengths, quirks, and weaknesses.  Much of their character will be hidden unless you learn more about them, so there will be a really exciting social ecosystem to navigate.  You’re going to have friends and enemies, loyalists, friends, and nemesis. I think its going to create an amazingly compelling story, like watching a series like Firefly.

*You make games all day, in addition to wearing multiple hats within the company and its administrative tasks, so what do you like to do in your free time?

I have to admit, right now there isn’t a lot of free time.  The KickStarter is a full time job, and we are also developing and updating all of our other 6 games at the same time – releases out every week! 

But, I still love to run pen and paper RPGs.  I just wrapped up a year long campaign in the Heroes of Steel world with five friends of mine.  It wasn’t the story from the game, but it shared a lot and the two cross-pollinated each other – a great experience.

I’m also like my seasonable sports and activities – skiing, running, training for short and long races and the like.  Having exercise every day is a huge part of keeping myself sane so I can keep up with the break-spine pace of our day to day lives as game developers.

We hope you will join the our Star Traders 2 KickStarter project and help us make the game a big success.


And follow us on Twitter!  Say hi:

And, find us every day on the Trese Brothers forum:

   This recent game has just moved into bigger exposure. There are now over 1000+ Captains who have back Star Traders RPG 2 and the project was just given front page treatment by being picked as a Kickstarter Staff Pick. 10 days to go in funding to get the minimum funding of the project and it is projected to be released next year. It is indeed a lofty idea for mobile gaming…but if anyone can do it, these guys and the awesome community can. Please help them today!

-Thank you for taking the time to read and enjoy this today. All of their current games can be found in the Google Play store (search Trese); and a few of them can even be found on iOS, Steam, Kindle, and Desura.
–Harbinger Owl of Syn
(As always, please feel free to share…comment…and I’ll see you next time!)