About the Harbinger Owl of Syn

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*Harbinger is Messenger
*Owls have been regarded as intelligent or knowledgeable (also seen as omens of death..ooh)
*Syn is a loaded word. It is partially a pun on the word sin. It can also be short for syndicated or synthetic. It actually came about as part of one of my nicknames/screen names elsewhere: LordofSyn. That also came about from a Role Playing Game I wrote called Legion:Universal R.P.G. and from a playtesting session in which the land the players were in was called Syn.

I am a free thinking jack of all trades. I am just as comfortable talking about trolling stupidity on social networks, as I am discussing Quantum Mechanics. I rarely watch television, listen to a very eclectic mix of music, and do as much reading as time will allow. I am in my mid 30’s and still play video games, because it is a wonderful medium for storytelling and escapist fun.
I have a crude sense of humor, and not very many close or true friends. I am not exactly a people person, mostly because people annoy me. I have 2 wonderful sons that will hopefully find me and wish to spend time with me as much as I want to spend time with them. I am Pagan. This doesn’t mean that I am satanic, nor that I worship a devil, sacrifice animals, or eat babies.
I am a writer, in my heart, in my soul, and of course; in my mind. I write comic books, short stories, novellas, novels, poems, songs, plays, screenplays, and blogs. Well, given enough time and research, I will write on pretty much anything.
I admit when I am wrong. I am self critical, but honest and fair.
I know of my short-comings, and work towards making them my strengths.
I am wordy, and sometimes don’t know when to shut up.
If you need to know more about me, visit my Facebook page, or simply leave a comment and I will respond here.
Thank you for your time.
Harbinger Owl of Syn
602-688-9152 (Google Voice # call/text)


3 thoughts on “About the Harbinger Owl of Syn

    • Sorry for not answering this earlier…so much has gone on in my life. I have tried to set up as many ways for my sons to find me, as I cannot find them. Their mother isn’t internet friendly, hates computers, and is very good at ‘staying off the grid’. I haven’t seen or talked to my boys in over a year and miss them every day.

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