The System of goals inherent to evolution of life and communication.

Some light reading music… to accompany today’s post.

I was reminded today about coming back to my writing every day.

I recently watched a video on YouTube regarding systems being better than goals. Goals are overarching targets but you use the system to get to each goal along the path. Systems are what will help you achieve and surpass those goals. As a writer, that means, that I need to get back to writing every day.

No matter what.


A representation of my typing this out.

I need to take at least 20-30 minutes to just type words and by giving it consistent time, I will build a system out of habit again. Consistency is key to making the framework of systems work for you. With some confidence and faith in my own ability and talent, that I can again capture the perspectives that come with prose or, rather; come from those words.

Funny little things, words. All set to agreed upon conceptualizations of systems.

All descriptions in their own right and labels nonetheless. We just agree to those labels.

And sometimes we do not agree too. That is one of the cruxes of communication and expression of cultural and environmental systems. In order to get thus far, as a species; we have done it by sharing. Even if it was simply the expansion of viral concepts.

“Speech has allowed the communication of ideas, enabling human beings to work together to build the impossible. Mankind’s greatest achievements have come about by talking, and its greatest failures by not talking. It doesn’t have to be like this. Our greatest hopes could become reality in the future. With the technology at our disposal, the possibilities are unbounded. All we need to do is make sure we keep talking.” — Stephen Hawking

Even in conversation, we have become better with some communications and not with other portions of communicating in general. We have now infused our ways of expression through visual means by adding contextual imagery into our day to day digital expressions everywhere by using a computing device and emojis.

Whether those discussions are with people you know by text or a messenger service, or you are publishing it out for the world to see, inviting a group discussion on a topic. Not that hieroglyphics or Sanskrit, nor even cuneiform have no relevance to the organized system that written expressions of verbal and somatic expression can be. Systems want to grow exponentially and while they are iterative expansions at right angles to the previous step, they branch out giving a richer view as more information is collected, collated, and added to the well of knowledge that is the neural network of the system.

Without feedback from each smaller system and the wave functionality that it induces as we see it, we wouldn’t be able to experience the reality we all agree to. In essence, it is a shared experience full of subjective viewpoints. Each viewpoint becomes intertwined with each other viewpoint to also create a narrative neural network. The system will always strive towards emergent behavior, self-organization, and expansion.


Explore, Expand, Exploit, and sometimes Extermination is the driving goals of many systems we are familiar with.

These are no different guiding light goals than bacteria use to thrive. That cultures of spores use to propagate. That trees expand into forests with enough time as it is allowed to clone outward in its expansion.

We are merely chains in the system, or maybe a better analogy is a link in that chain. Because we are part of so many chains due to the interconnectivity of everything and everyone, we are morally bound to be responsible for our choices, expressions, and decisions. Because they truly do affect everything else around them in the universe.

Just as my decisions, my word choice; worthless in the written word without some semblance of expression, and the experience supported by a knowledge base {built from everything I have experienced to the moment} from the subjective Phaneron perspective interact with everything, and everyone, around me.

They also inform and interact with other things not around me as the feedback wave function extends out slightly warping reality around me. Merely by surviving and experiencing this reality makes little wave fluctuations that make changes and bigger ripples within the framework.

That wave function collapse is local, but the information is still sent along the lattice framework of the neural network system. 


That framework is indeed how both the imaging of gray brain matter cells and clusters of synapses and galactic clusters in the observable universe look so coincidentally alike.

As above, so below? As below, so above? Iterations of information systems that propagate in lattice arrayed layers to make up a framework of space-time with all of the additional dimensions to allow observers into the system.

Observers don’t just have read access, but read and writing access. The entire act of consciousness is a sequence of observations by means of perspective. Any species that can create items or repurpose materials with purpose, they are showing that write access. Has that been confused with concepts of divinity? Maybe that is a topic for a later time to revisit.


The beginning of my system is merely writing every day for at least 20 minutes and letting the emergent flourish. The system is to infuse consistency of those actions so that it may flourish and grow a talent, a trade skill; as some would argue. The motivation is simple to and hearkens back to natural selection and evolution as systems. Use it or lose it. 



  • What systems do you notice interacting in your subjective experience of our consensual reality?