Pennywise and other ramblings…

I know I’ve been away for too long. Apologies for that. 

I’ve been working on things both in and out of my head. But I’ve also let something in that is hard for me to admit to. Fear. That is perfect that my return to these ‘pages’ also mention the epitome of fear for so many. 

Before going any further, credit to the remainder of this article goes to an article released earlier today online. Here is the new look of Pennywise in the 2017 silver screen adaptation of Stephen King’s IT. Please follow the preceding link to see the new costume for the maligned clown if terror. 

This role was portrayed by the superb actor that is Tim Curry in the 90s ABC miniseries of the same name. It was, as memory recalls, a 4 part miniseries that encapsulated as much as could be shown on a national network due to Censors. As someone who has grown up with Mr. King’s work, and read the 1000+ page novel long before the miniseries; I was disappointed at what was left out more than how they presented it. 

I won’t knock the actor chosen for this role nor the costume design for Pennywise until I see this new adaptation. Apparently it will be split into two movies, which is as much a financial decision to garner more money as I hope it to be more for the sake of giving the adaptation the proper showing it deserves. 

To my knowledge King hasn’t spoken nor posted his reaction about this yet, but I assume he will approve. As for the costume designs that harken back to Harlequins over the centuries, it is fitting as Pennywise would indeed have to do something to ‘be relevant’ each time it needs to feed. These feeding cycles are roughly every 40 years if I remember the book correctly. This disguise is only a lure used to draw in his prey, children by and large, because they provide the most sustenance to a being that feeds on emotion. Who better to have the strongest emotions but children and teenagers. 

IT’s real form is closer to that of an Elder God (as King has never shied away from continuing the mythos of one of his inspirations H.P. Lovecraft) and cannot be truly described using words. In fact, IT makes an appearance in the final Dark Tower book too. 

More on the Dark Tower big screen adaptation(s) in a future post. 
The fear that I have allowed to let into my life, that has kept me from writing daily or posting new YouTube videos, has been devastating to my emotional well-being. It has only amplified the depression that I’ve dealt with for most of my life and sadly, this time, I’ve let it grip me to the point of failure. 

The fear that I can do anything worth of substance. The fear that I have no voice worthy of sharing with the world. The fear that no matter what I do, I will only continue to fail. That fear has been brought about by much of what I have already written about and other personal issues that I may never share publicly. Those personal “losses” have pulled me down to where I am because I’ve allowed them to. 

Sand sand sand sand sand sand sand sand sand sand sand sand sand 


Sand sand sand sand sand sand sand sand sand sand sand sand sand 
This is my line. Figuratively and literally. I’ve now drawn it and I’ve shared it with anyone willing to read this. I am tired of being fearful. I’m tired of wallowing in the sand. Now is the time I use the sand to break free of the fear shackles I’ve worn for too many years. 

It takes a glassblower to turn sand into beautiful and inspired works of art.

Thank you.

-Harbinger Owl of Syn aka LordofSyn

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