Want to see me?

This is my first time in front of the camera. Sorry for the atrocious webcam resolution!

I just wanted to thank all of my supporters and give you all some insight into how things have progressed and where we go from here!!!


Let’s Play Templar Battleforce Ep 4

Shoutout to Egoi$ta the Steam member who won the Steam Key for #TemplarBattleforce.
#TreseBros #IndieGames #TurnBasedStrategy games!
I may have another contest on the way soon. Please support all developers,  especially indie developers!
More Let’s Play videos on the way!

Let’s Play Templar Battleforce Ep 2

While the first video was not the best it could have been, there’s a new video out now and please pay attention to the entire video for the contest entry rules.

I will see you guys in the next episode and thank you very much for your time and patience and very, very much for your continued support!!

thank you

-Harbinger Owl of Syn