New videos coming soon.

I apologize for the lack of videos lately…I’ve been shopping around for decent and reasonably priced video editors lately to give my videos a cleaner look.

This is still a learning curve for me and while it seems rather simple for most…I never had need for them before starting my own videos for my YouTube channel.

I’m very glad that I chose to do this in smaller steps though too as I may have given up if I’d tried to learn it all at once instead of doing it in steps like this.

I’ve gotten a few pointers from others and have applied most of those pointers. I’ve been doing the marketing necessary and I’ve received help from some really great friends.

So, to all of you, U cannot thank you enough for the continued support and hope to keep learning, growing, and putting great content out for all to see.

-Harbinger Owl of Syn

Templar Battleforce

You’re in Command, Templar
Lead a strike team of mechanized soldiers on a brutal campaign against the xeno threat. Command and recruit each individual member of your armry with RPG-level precision, and deploy them to the battlefield with devastating results.

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Shalun Law has no hold on our captain. This doesn’t bold well. The Quadrant gets more dangerous in Ep 5.

In fact, a new update for Star Traders RPG Elite dropped today. You might just come across a new ship named the SynLord Cutter.

I cannot thank @TreseBrothers for the support and for the gracious respect they’ve shown in naming a ship after me. I feel honored!

Try their games out… trust me, you’ll enjoy them in earnest. #IndieGamingFTW