2014 : Day 16

Welcome to day 16 of 2014. It already feels like a long month and it’s barely halfway done. Missed almost a full work week due to the flu taking it’s toll on my body and mind. Not good for financial prospects and most assuredly not good for the writing  challenge. I will continue undaunted though.

Still not feeling especially inspired and lack of a solid topic for today doesn’t help.
I watched Our Brother the Idiot, Jeff, Who Lives At Home, Drinking Buddies, a few episodes of Tron:Uprising and started The Raven (all on Netflix) while sick. The first two movies were decent and somewhat heartwarming movies.  Drinking Buddies was bland and the only good thing was seeing Olivia Wilde half naked for 5 seconds. Tron animated series is a good continuation of the first movie and I guess was supposed to bridge the gap between the first movie and Tron Legacy.
I fell asleep from meds at the beginning of The Raven…but it is sure to be a good movie. How could you go wrong with a movie about E.A. Poe starring John Cusak?!
I also caught Fetching Cody and caught on on the last few episodes of Agents of Shield on Hulu Plus. Fetching Cody was a touching movie not unlike The Butterfly Effect and worthwhile for a Canadian production. 

Sick as I was, I haven’t really played any games so I don’t have ths reviews yet for you. Maybe after this weekend. I cannot say I like having such pedestrian topics for you, and would very much like to have some responses and feedback from you Valued Reader as to what you’d like to see appear in this blog.

Maybe I just need to add more to James’ Story…which appears on another page of this blog. See Archives for more info. 

That does it for me today.
Until next time…


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