2014 : Day 10

A foreword:
Not really feeling it today. Not feeling very well and have a lot of body pain. Plus, I have to go to work. I was scheduled off but my being sick Wednesday allowed the woman who normally works today to cover my shift and I am now covering hers.

So while I had hoped to make a longer post today and go on a good tangent, I don’t have much energy and that also means that neurons aren’t firing like they should. I feel uninspired.  This is not an unusual feeling. I had just hoped that it would not be something that visited me so early into the year.

Interesting new year that it has been too. This weekend I just plan to relax and finish getting over whatever is plauging me currently.  I can’t do much about the body pain, sadly. I know it is getting worse and I know it will continue that way. Getting old sucks, especially when your younger self pushed many limits and damn near broke your body before you really got to live or enjoy it.

Not that I regret any of it. I am better psychologically for the rewards of experience far surpass the joint and muscle pain. Still fi ding ways to push the limit anx bend the envelope.  Such is life, no!?! Humans beings define their realities through suffering and pain. Is this because we crave feedback? We have to feel something in order to define that we are alive or otherwise awake?

It can be said that feedback of any kind: bloodletting through emotions like anger or sadness give us a sense that we are in our own bodies. Pain is a feedback system, illusory or not. It prevents us with a decent baseline of trouble and impending danger. It lets us know which body parts are running less efficiently and will remind us of our laziness in taking care of our holy temples.

I say illusory because there is much about our realities, separately and combined, that are mere illusions. Memories, how our sight works, even the illusion of tranquil peace of mind…all minor illusions to give us a sense of ownership in our realities. Much like an argument between fate and destiny, we must consign ourselves to believed choices. We understand that choices may have a real effect, even if the cause and effect relationship is never really experienced beyond our own Phaneron. 

Never experienced by or within the sphere of someone else’s Phaneron. We are all interconnected just as we are also interconnected to everything else. The root is there and yet we never come close enough to it to make a big enough impact. In order to get close enough, one must realize just how interconnected EVERYTHING is. This is not light knowledge and once gleaned, can never be forgotten or ignored.

The issue is strength to continue to keep your channel clean and as positive as possible…
And not just when others are looking.

Blessed Be Valued Reader
I shall see you on the morrow…

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