2014 : Day 9

Ok…So I failed myself a little. I was ill yesterday and didn’t post like I should. I don’t count a double post on Day 7 to take it’s place…nor will I pretend like it was saved to draft and just didn’t post.
I broke my challenge. I was just too tired to post yesterday and slept. Think I may have the flu or ate something bad. I’ll spare the details for your protection. 

Hopefully you, Valued Reader, won’t hold it against me missing a day.

Feeling slightly euphoric today…and no, I haven’t taken any nyquil. 
I was able to purchase the newest Tomb Raider game for PS3. Yes it is almost a year old, but I was able to get a bundle from PSN (with my sister paying half as she wants to play it too). Which means I will also be reviewing it for all of you. It is currently downloading and installing as I head to work. 

I found Batman!!

Til next time kiddies



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