One week into 2014

This writing challenge has been fun. I’m now a week into it ans the new year. Hope everyone is doing well and that my Valued Readers are enjoying the show. Don’t forget that I like and request feedback. You can comment here, on Facebook or Twitter…. and sharing these posts doesn’t hurt either.

So yes, enough time today for two posts. Being a bargain gamer, I’ve recently picked up copies of Madden 10 and Gran Turismo 5.  Both for PlayStation 3.

I chose Madden 10 because I loved it when it first came out and I have had nothing but issues with the later versions. The older version has my favorite lineup of Cardinals players and the only thing missing are the black uniforms. The gameplay is fast, fun, and while EA doesn’t support online activities for the older version…the robust Franchise and NFL Superstar mode make up for it. I’m glad I got it again.

Gran Tourismo 5 continues a wonderful franchise of racing awesomeness.  I cannot recommend this game enough. Full HD racing for gearheads. There is so much to this game…and I’ve barely scratched the surface.

More on these and GT5 soon…



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