2014 : Day 5

Now that my traveling is almost complete, I am refreshed with writing vigor. Renewed of strength at the challenge at hand. I want this blog to be a worthwhile read and not a rambling mess.
But crazy is as crazy does.

Sign seen today: ‘What if soy milk is just regular milk introducing itself in spanish?’

We’ve all had those little questions. From time to time we are faced with dilemmas and questions to life’s little quirks that we must formulate questions that seem like the ramblings of the mad, but are clearly a way to distinguish your reality…your Phaneron from the herd. The cliché that goes “You’re unique, just like everyone else!” can be disarming to a sane person as much as asking an insane person if they’re losing their mind.


We define our realities by our senses and comprehension of what information they provide. We have to make logical leaps, assumptions, and come to conclusions which we can process at a very quick rate. Evolution has allowed us these traits as with language and complex communications to allow us to better express ourselves and allow for reason to trump instinctive emotion. 

We humans, as a species do indeed define our lives through suffering and our existence through as many empirical sources as possible.  Faith has it’s llace, even to those not especially spiritual or religious. Ae have faith that ths planet will continue to turn and that the sun will rise over our planet daily.

Know that while we are separated by flesh, we can still truly all be connected by dreams and our minds. Might not be as safe as we once believed, but eventually your thoughts won’t ever be as private as you once wanted. I choose to share mine with you, Valued Reader. May it help you, guide you, entertain you to a bigger slice of the mehume spectrum within your own phaneron’s receiver dial.