2014: Day 3

I feel bad that I really have no content for this entry today. Flirting with the idea of actually posting vlog entries either here or on YouTube or both. But I feel ugly and only have my android devices for cameras. I have no PC or laptop and therefore no real webcam per se.
I have a PS3 eye camera but the android devices do not recognize it and I have yet to learn how to really use the software for it ( more for editing purposes than anything else). I just feel I can do better with words that one has to read rather than them seeing my mug and listening to me rant.
I also do not have any devices which allow me to record video gameplay to share. This limits some of the things that I enjoy and would like to share. My Phaneron is not pleased.

Not that my creativity is stifled, but rather confused and in ADHD mode I suppose. I have so much that I’d like to share and no clear or concise outline with how I would like to share it.
I’ve often told people who’ve asked why I write that I write for myself first and for my ‘Valued Reader’ second. This blog seems to betray that notion a little as I don’t want to just post for a journalistic sake. I’d like to post entries that will be enjoyed and maybe even shared.  I’d like to entertain. 

So, I ask again of you ‘Valued Readers’; what sort of content should I cover? What would you like me to riff on? We live in a soceity which values instant gratification and personalized playlists. Where most news is now delivered in the palm of your hand and not just on the nightly newscast. Where practically anyone can become a journalist of the human engine and human factor. You might not want to read every post I make, but I would be selfish to not include you in the process. 

Structured content or no, this concludes day 3 in my challenge. I almost tried to just post a short story I had worked on a while back but wanted to be faithful to this challenge in providing original content daily. 

Thanks for your time and hope to hear back from the many corners or the internets…

[Maybe I need to do more research on SOE and keywords…might be holding me back from growing this blog and it’s posts well enough]

~Harbinger Owl of Syn