2014: Day 2


Not much I can add to the above picture to make it any more entertaining.  Just thought I’d share it anyway.


While I’ve been having a major blast in Los Santos and Blaine County in Rockstar’s newest blockbuster GTA V, this is the other game I’m truly salivating over and while ut was delayed by UbiSoft; I’ve no doubts that Watch Dogs will be a killer game. Like with most sandbox style games, you’ll be able to make choices that effect your gameplay and the plot. With the added ability to hack almost anything and everyone though, I envision a world that is even ‘more alive’ than what R* has done with it’s newest game.  Plus the protagonist Aiden Pierce isn’t really a criminal in any traditional sense. The developers have promised almost unrivaled levels of immersion and personality in it’s world’s denizens. 

In other game related news… I may be a little late in subscribing to the YouTube channel for The Game Theorists. I highly recommend their entertaining and informative videos. Yes, some may be looking awfully deep into games, but that is kind of the point. Check them out. If you’re a video game fan I promise you won’t be disappointed. 

In work news…yesterday was so super slow, it was crazy. We were lucky if we brought in $700 for the entire day. Wow. In the words of Danny Glover, I am getting too old for this shit!

How was your first day of 2014?
Any other writers willing to take on this 365 day challenge along with me?
Any topics you’d like me to cover?

Comments, submissions, and shares are always welcome. Likes are also always welcome and I will see you ‘Valued Readers’ on the morrow.  Until then, spay and neuter your pets…don’t upset the marmoset…don’t poke the bear…and give a loved one a hug.

Blessed Be
(Your daddy)
Somehow that never gets old. 🙂