2014: Day 1

The idea this year is to write daily as much as possible. Given the fact that I have a semi FT job that pays the bills and currently prohibits me from writing for far longer than I would like to on a daily basis… that means I’ll be doing my absolute best to write for at least 30 minutes via this blog, in addition to work on my other projects when time permits.

Today is the first day of the year 2014. Already I’ve had a necklace break on me. I’ve hurt myself twice, and had to deal with someone threatening to hack me. I work a close shift today so I can only imagine how the remainder of the day will go…and I have a pkwerful imagination; so that doesn’t bold well. 🙂

I did catch up on a few movies that I’ve been intending to see. Olympus Has Fallen was a decent movie with Gerard Butler. I have to commend the trainer for Mr. Butler as some of it was as true to life as Hollywood gets for his tactics. Granted, like any blockbuster action movie, he has impeccable aim. Oh well.

Side Effects: pretty good movie about depression and insider trading. Lol. Good plot twist, even if it was massively forshadowed. Plus Channing Tatum dies pretty quickly into the movie which had to be a major buzz kill to thise women who had hoped to see more of him.

This blog has slightly moved away from it’s odiginal intentions, but please rest assured that it will not become a Seinfeld type of blog about nothing. Should I be able to keep to this posting 30 minutes worth of writing a day, you ‘Valued Reader’, will be in for quite a mystifying jouney of the heart; mind, and soul.

Thank you for your continued patronage and I’ll see you tomorrow.