Grand Theft Auto 5 Review

Although I am NOT the only one to play or review this game, I just finished the main campaign single player about 2 days ago. It is very crazy to say the least I really enjoyed how they work all three characters together, and especially love the heist and planning them not;  just pulling them off. I am now after the elusive 100%.

To say that rockstar really outdid themselves with this game is an understatement.  It is the most ambitious game of the seventh generation of consoles and does quite a lot for gaming overall. I am very impressed with Los Santos as a living and breathing city. I’ve watched NPCs pull into their driveway and get groceries out of their car. I love the wildlife that was added and I am super impressed by the visuals. There are so many photo opportunities in this game as well as easter eggs to make one’s head spin.  While I believe Red Dead Redemption still had a better story, R* nailed the best GTA yet and GTA Online just keeps getting better and more fun. ( I play on PS3 as The-LordofSyn…add me if you feel inclined).

If I have to nitpick and complain a little, I have to go after the music chosen for this game. I am about 40 hourz into the game and have already found myself turning the in-game music off for two reasons. It has become too repetitive and I like to hear the world that R* built as well as the NPC chatter. If I want music, I now usually listen to my own music streaming from my tablet or smartphone over my blue tooth speaker close by.

I sure hope that more is added to the single player format of the game soon and that whatever DLC launches isn’t going to be super expensive. They’ve already added quite a bit to the GTAO.  Los Santos now almost feels like Second Life with all of the choices available to play between both SP and MP modes. I chose option C for those that understand what I mean as I still had so much to do with all 3 characters. 

This game easily has my vote for Game of the Year and although I cannot afford a PS4 anytime soon, at least I have a great game to enjoy until I can.

On a scale of 1-5 here is my breakdown:
Graphics: 5
GTA 5 easily is one of the most stunning visual games I have ever played. Rockstar’s attention to detail is amazing on this 7th Gen. The sunsets look real, the phases of the moon change as you play…even your character’s hair and facial hair grow back over time if you get clean shorn. I am playing on a small 13″ HDTV but have seen it played on a much bigger HDTV and have to say that I am amazed that it looks this good at 720p. It looks like 1080p.
Sound: 4
While the rest of the world in GTA is great, I have already given my complaints about the music. The rest of the sound is wonderful though. From NPC chatter to the sound of your car engine cooling off…there is so much to hear that you’ll be amazed at how much they stuffed into this game. Again, detail is the name of the game as even wearing sandals (flip-flops) will result in the flapping sound as you walk. Wet shoes squish until dry, and your car speakers give the frequency clicks when you have incoming messages on your in game cell phone.

Story: 5
While not as serious as the previous game in the series, GTA V has proven to still be mature and engrossing.  There is still the prevalent humour involved, but the game also judges you and your choices a little… in a good introverted way. It makes you think about your choices well and also makes you think about how you could have done things differently. The Three main PCs do break up the story well and allow for a good change of pace allowing the player to experience the world as they see fit and the characters themselves are complex broken people in a crazy and broken world.

Replay ability: 5
Not counting GTAO, there are so many choices in the single player campaign that you have to replay some of it just to see how things would have gone down if you had chosen other options. Now there is the ability to play previous missions and especially the side missions in order to get a higher score and ranking on them with objectives that will grant you a better score and bronze, silver, or gold medal per mission.

I may add more to this review later, but I am very happy with this game and have a very enjoyable time playing it. If this helped you, speak up. If you wish to discuss this game, leave a message…
If you know someone who may be on the fence about getting this juggernaut of a game, please share this with them. This game is a mature game and shouldn’t be played by minors without parental supervision. See you all on the flip side.


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