Another day, another dollar

Riding the bus to work and contemplating the toughness of life in general. The lowest class of citizens in this country far surpass the rest of the financial classes. I wouldn’t even call it poverty as the distinction between the haves and have nots is all screwed. I don’t make very much money and try to be as smart and frugal as I possibly can with what little I have and yet there are even more that have even less than I do.
Today we stand on the precipice of a large lottery winfall. I know that if I won, I wouldn’t be greedy or stupid with the winnings. I would indeed help out my friends, family, and others that need help. It’s what we give back and do with our responsibilities that define us.
We have all had our lottery fantasies, but I would still work and afford more time to my writing. It is one of the thibgs in life that give me the most pleasure and help me feel accomplished. I may like some luxuries, but have real NEED for little else. Besides, if I can bring up others with me on my iourney through life and give them the ability to make better and smarter decisions for themselves, then so be it!
Here is to hoping I would win the lottery and do my best to help make the world a little bit better. 

Times are tough for zo many people and the rich typically just get richer. I am rich spiritually, if not financially.  All I could want this holiday season would be peace of mind for my own and for all my readers. Blessed Be and may you all have a happy and wonderful holidays.


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