Personal circuit printer surpasses Kickstarter goal in one day


You’re playing a game on an obscure old gaming system when the controller breaks. What do you do? The obvious answer could soon be “print a new one.”

Brisbane-based startup Cartesian Co. launched a Kickstarter campaign today to fund a printer that prints circuits. The EX¹ can print on materials like plastic, paper and fabric, meaning it could print paper circuits and wearable electronics.

While the creators label the EX¹ a 3D printer, it’s not exactly building towering objects. Like an ink printer, it contains two cartridges. Each is filled with a chemical. The printer lays down a layer of each and they react to form strips of stable, conductive silver nanoparticles. Only the exact amount of each chemical needed is used, leading to almost zero waste and no dangerous residues.

Traditionally, creating circuits requires soldering–a messy process by which a hot tool, such as a soldering iron, is used to…

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Dichotomy and the Possibility Engine

I love dichotomies. I have to assume that most other people do too. Dichotomies, by their very premise attempt to narrow a subject into a split differential, usually polar opposites of said subject : Night and day, black and white, young and old, real and unreal, etc. However, to truly appreciate dichotomies as a whole, one must first truly understand where they come from.

First, they are labels. Humanity loves to label, subjectively, everything. Semiotics, language, logos, and more are all measurements, maps, and models to better allow our minds to envision and comprehend ideas, concepts, and items. They allow us to convey information to others in a sensible manner with the most efficient effort available. Humans as thinking self aware creatures tend to rely on illusions for most everything. We can find justification in our actions, even for no reason but to justify our lack of responsibility to those actions and their outcomes. We like to blame and we like to describe.
Humans describe something in terms of language and symbols because it allows us to ‘conquer’ in some small way that which we are describing…even if we do not understand it at all. If you haven’t ever eaten a specific meal before and wish to know what it is, what it is made of, and how it is prepared, you’ll seek information from whatever sources you can find until you are satisfied with some relevance. Someone telling you what a meal is in this manner will do their best to provide all the information you seek and find some relevatory information for you to build on in order for you to better comprehend it without actually experiencing it for yourself. I can tell you everything you would like to know about a movie or book based on my experience of it and using some common relevance to what you may or may not have experienced before, but it will always pale in comparison to you actually experiencing it for yourself. Your reality is different from mine. Your subjective take is different from mine. Your relevance points from something are different from mine. Though we may be able to have common denominations of something that are very closely aligned or incredibly similar, they are still in fact different by shades minor frequencies.


I am tired (old writing from Oct 2011)

It’s not really about giving up.
I cant lie, though. Giving up is partially what it is.
The other portion is pressure.
Its the largest portion of at least the feelings that create this.
I refuse to play third wheel.
I refuse to sit idly by and be treated as a doormat
To be talked to in the manner that i am.
Not just by you, but almost everyone.

I am tired of it.

I hate that i am treated like dogshit
that someone found on the bottom of their shoe.
And thats exactly how i have been made to feel lately.
How would you feel?
How would you feel?
I am tired of it.

Daily pressure is constant,
But getting stepped on.
Getting kicked in the face
Is not my idea of a grand time.
Its not just your words
But how you say them
The sting you provide with them
The barbs of jealousy
The distrust for simple things…

And your lack of support for anything i do,
because you feel it is out of your grasp
You dont even try
Nor give the effortless support a loving wife,
and supposed soul mate
Should provide.
How would you feel?
How would you feel?
I am tired.

If the third wheel is neglected too long
Left to rot in the sun
No oils
No care
No shade from the elements of the world
Of the thoughts that can devestate someone
Shelter from the storm of stress
As it were.
How would you feel?
How would you feel?
I am tired.