Organizing Life?!

Is there really a way to truly organize life without some form of OCD or anal retentiveness becoming forefront? I use a few items to try and keep myself as organized as possible.  I am a Libra after all, and whether you go in for the astrological approach to various personalities or not…it has become someway fitting for me as a creative to balance a fine line between messy creativeness and organization of visual filing cabinets. Between my Google Calendar and Google Drive folders and documents,  I also make rather extensive use of Evernote, Pocket, and even Springpad occasionally. Evernote is really indispensable as I can take any notes offline, pictures of important documents, verbal dictations, etc for later filing and they can be accessed on various devices and PCs. I can only usually afford the free versions of most apps. Evernote and Skitch are made by the same company and the free versions are packed full of features. Eventually, I will be able to afford the premium edition which has a monthly fee ( something I usually shy away from) but I have used their products for a few years now and bvd found them to be comparable if not better than any other note application and even better than many office suite applications on mobile devices.  Granted, you cannot do xls, db, or power point type presentations on it per se…but now they added .pdf integration and markup functions for better working on rough drafts for later publication in numerous formats.

I have even allowed others the ability to look at writing projects I have in the pipe, with access only as I allow and while they can review it, thankfully they cannot copy pasta or otherwise make any changes unless I give them future permissions.

Google Drive has also become incredibly favorable to me and especially the team at Fallen Comics. It has allowed us unpresidented access to work and projects that would otherwise get bogged down or lost in spam folders or whatever amounts for the lost file formats online anymore.  We can easily save our projects for use anywhere and anytime, allow others view and even write permissions…plus you can highlight blocks of text and make specific comments directly about the highlighted info. It is IMHO, the best free office suite program I could ever hope for.

To be fair I have to provide a little bit of background, especially if this your first visit here: I have sadly been without a PC/laptop for a few years. I found that the vast majority of my work could be done from my smartphone. It is an old DROID 3. I have had to rework a few things here and there to keep it in the highest working odds especially. I no longer have regular service on the device through any carrier, so I grab a wifi access point wherever I can that will allow me internet access to do most of my work. I may be a freelance writer for now, but I am also old enough to know that this still has yet to pay my bills on a regular interval and I seek normal banal work to pay my dwindled bills.

If only finding work were as easy as that anymore. Try being unemployed for over 6 months and you’ll quickly find how fast people Do Not want hire you. Could just be my experience,  but it plays hell on ones’ psyche. Especially with depression so close to the surface so readily. 

I suppose that is why I have strived to write at least 30 minutes a day again. Not just to keep my writing skills sharp, but to just keep my wits about me. I have so much creative energies of late and I find myself struggling to find proper productive avenues or channels for it. I find myself starting projects and then losing steam somewhere in the middle…the eureka moments of inspiration seemingly lost to the æther. 

Not that I intend it at all, quite the opposite…until the Muse takes full control of me and makes me stay consistently on point to a fault of my healthy will I feel as though I can complete many of the projects I have started or want to start.

Such is the train wreck of mental boxcars in my head being driven by a caffeine and nicotine addicted driver with ADHD and some mild autistic symptoms. Not that I don’t trust this driver, but I have story characters that interrupt my dreams and travels demanding that their chapters and books be finished. They need to know that their fates/destinies are worthwhile to be completed. They have done enough time in the oubliette of my brain…they have been waiting for their release for sometime…especially those that have taunted me since high school or even before.

Stories that have been stolen by others or just flat out lost. Annoying as it is to any writer to lose very inspired work is the inability to rewrite that work that has been lost to various predicaments of youth. The words refuse to materialize again, the story threads are taunting…but seem to be phased out once they are ready to be rewoven within a tapestry. They deny the loom of mental acuity. They tease and dance within my head as vignettes and solid .gifs or even animated dioramas…but then flirt off where I cannot grasp them to give them proper accord.

Writer’s block some might say…but is it really writer’s block when you’ve already written it before, only to lose it in the way it was once and forever intended and it refuses to be rewritten again because it isn’t the proper structure?!

I leave that to the reader to discern and for other creative creatures to discuss.

(Come on baby, don’t fear the Reaper!)


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