When I Grow Up

Wonderfully written with great life lessons.

The Other Courtney

I am excited to post a guest entry today by a man who has been both a door to door salesman, and worked in the future weapons department at the Pentagon. He has sold shoes for JC Penny, and navigated drug busts by aircraft in foreign countries. He has a pet chihuahua named “Teddy”, and is currently a senior executive in the Department of Defense. He also used to change my diaper. Yep, this man is my father!

No matter what I’m struggling with, my dad has always been an excellent person to turn to. He gives honest advice while still taking feelings into account, something that is crucial with four daughters. Because of his varied life experiences, I asked him to write a post for The Other Courtney.  I left the topic open ended and couldn’t be happier with what he chose to discuss, I think it’s something that…

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