Sometimes I despise technology

So, my pain of the week has been my DROID 3. I have finally been able to archive most of what I had on it for so long. 16GB of info on the phone and almost 16GB of info on the microSD card I had in it. Whew!

Then I find out that it cannot be rooted properly. Bummer. It is over 2 years old and a good phone. I believe I may have only dropped it a dozen times since I’ve had it. But even taking the best care gas had it’s issues. I don’t think the front facing camera wants to work anymore, and it tends to lock the device anytime I slide out the physical keyboard so much that I am forced to do a battery drop…or worse. I had to factory reset it this morning as the screen blanked out after sliding the keyboard in and refused to reboot properly.
But I did learn how to get to a boot manager with a few button presses. And then had to spend most of the day reloading,  resynching apps. Yay me.
It has to hold out. I finally ordered the micro HDMI cable to use it with my little HDTV for all of my freelance work. It cost me less than $4 for the cable but will take almost a month to ship. LOL.
Progress is only progress when you have a downward spiral to model it from I suppose.

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