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Come on Irene,

We both knew that this was not only possible, but highly probable. Suppression stings sharply, like the tail of a scorpion full of vigor and repressed dreams. It eyes taking in far more than what it wants to see, but hating it all with a burning hatred for being dismantled and disarmed. Every one has choices to make, choices that they must be willing to live with. Life isn’t like a video game; there are no save states, no reset button, no magical karmic wash where everything can be erased because it simply hasn’t happened yet.
Two things are inevitable in the universe: Time and Entropy. Entropy feeds on time and its ongoing push forward. Time is what helps entropy dismantle and destroy all…it is also what allows it to transmute objects back into the golden circle of existence. Everything gets recycled. The issue at hand is that while it all gets recycled, it clearly also gets repurposed. It can never be what it once was. Never again.
It may sometimes seem to be closely related to something within a cycle or two down the line of inherited entropy, but it will never be a clone. True duality insists that there must be a clone of anything and everything present at one time or another and that it is many times the antithesis of said counterpart. While this might seem true, and might even be true as our full understanding of the cosmic stage is rather small and finite; it doesn’t mean it is an exact replica.
Maybe the polarities between the two shift so much that they end up switching places and before they can recognize that fact…it is too late, they are swapped forever. Depression, pain, and hurt are very much like this. While it is far easier on the emotional strain for humanity to feel anger over happiness, sadness over joy; we are switching out emotions at a constant rate that our minds are many times unable to understand or conceive of the why. The causality of our choices. The effect that they have not just on us, but everyone around us and within our spheres of influence.
It isn’t about ‘things happen for a reason’.
Things just happen. They are all correlated,  connected, and recorded. They all become chains of effect for reasons of causality we usually figure out in the future…usually last minute.

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