Another dawn

Time to start anew.
Well, not really anew. More like time to stop being so damned depressed and start keeping myself busy. I know I have a lot of different ideas and projects that I have barely touched on that demand my attention. That is one of the worst things about depression: The things that made you happy before, gave you motivation, and kept you engaged and happy can seem very daunting and bring you no joy when depressed. Creativity, as defined by the Muse; waxes and wanes with depression. It can be the greatest source of creativity, or leave you feeling void of any creative spark.

I know I haven’t used this site like I said I would. Life had/has gotten in the way. Isn’t that how it goes sometimes? I still have no PC to work with, so everything must be done from my DROID 3. Granted, I have done more on this phone than most would have.

There is one story that I started on Facebook, and I will have to grab those entries to move them here where they can get better exposure; and I can work on it easier.

I also need to rework some of the Rules for Legion:URPG. Possibly thinking about starting a kickstarter campaign ( or something similar) to see if I can actually get it published. If I had a PC or laptop, not only would I be able to rework the rules ( and most all of my other projects), but I might also be able to code an app or two to along with Legion.

Regardless, I am back…and I hope to bring you all much more content soon. Thanks.


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