Someone help…part 1 of?

I do not have access to a regular PC or laptop, and outside of my DROID 3 smartphone (which is what I use to type, research, source together, and post my witty meaningless drivel from) my browser on my PS3 has been getting really slow Wi-fi connections which hinders it further…

The current thing I need help on is WordPress, in general. I am somewhat new to it, and had a rough time setting it up as it is. What am I missing? What should I do to make it more complete? What do I do to make it more user and reader friendly?
And how do I change my little thumbnail picture for when I post comments? ( I have seen the thumbnail that is there…and I never chose it. If I can see it correctly, it really bothers me as to what it is and needs to be changed immediately )

Please post comments as I am asking for feedback and need the community help to get these things ironed out.

Thanks, H.O.o.S

Posted from WordPress for Android


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