Pardon the virtual dust and debris ::cough::

Of course I had to be different, to challenge myself; and to make a mountain out of a molehill. I have chosen to try and edit, customize, and design the look of this website/blog/journal/digest/etc on my phone and Playstation 3.
Yep, no one ever gave me credit for common sense. LOL. The most ironic part, is that I have my PC tower with me. I haven’t boot it up in almost a year, and I have proper browsers that would enable me to readily do all of the customization with a quickness…except that it is not Wi-Fi ready. That is the only way I can connect my PS3 online currently, and cannot tether my phone for a ‘net connection as my provider will want to charge me extra and I cannot afford the $.
That being said, please forgive if the look and feel of the site changes until I am truly 100% happy with it, and more importantly my Constant Readers are happy with it. I will take suggestions, especially as I am new to WordPress.

~H.O.o S. (yer daddy?!)
😀 I had to, at least once.

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