Some minor P.O.I.


*I am Pagan.
*I am a free thinker.
*I am Anarchist.
*I will most likely offend someone or anyone. I was raised to be respectful and to keep an open mind, and I am not racist or a bigot.
*I am a creative.
*I am a gamer.
*I like to rock the boat.
*I am eclectic in my music choices.
*I rarely watch Television.
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Hello world!

Welcome to my little corner of light in the darkness.

* I will keep this first post rather short as I am having issues with browsers, formatting, etc. If you are a constant reader of my Facebook Profile posts, or my old Myspace Blog, or hell, any of my other websites or portions of the web that I have found myself in; then you know what kind of ride to expect.

If you are new to this ride, make sure your seat is in an upright position, your seatbelt is buckled, and hold on tight. It is about to get a little mind boggling around here. Your captain likes to fly all over the place, doesn’t care much for zoning issues, altitude flight decks, or staying on a level path. If you are not easily offended, then keep reading, subscribe, follow, or whatever it is that one does to get further posts from this site. If you ARE easily offended, then keep reading as it might not only¬†FREE and OPEN¬† your mind, but your eyes as well.

Tip your steward/stewardess, and try the veal!